Saturday, May 9, 2015

Lovely Heaven on Earth

It's spring, tra la and the outside of my house is looking brighter and brighter.  Between the new paint job and the flowers I've planted, with the help of a friend, things are shaping up.

Before (Gray house)                                                                    After


The rose trees are blooming


And the petunias are looking beautiful.             With a little garden gnome here and there.


As you can see, we don't have good rich topsoil here; it's all clay and rocks, so we do the best we can.  My small rose bushes have new growth on them but are nowhere near blooming yet.  I expect that by next year, this walkway will be bursting with flowers.  While we live in the here and now, we also have to plan for the future.

Yesterday I was looking out the kitchen window and saw three deer watching me from the backyard.  I slowly walked onto the porch and threw them some bread which they gobbled up while standing there unaffected by my presence.


My camera is broken so I'm taking pictures with my phone (dumb phone, not smart). Hope they look alright.

One thing I know is, I don't have to wait until I leave this earth to be in Heaven; I'm in Heaven right now.  And it's warm!  Hallelujah!

Quote of the Day:  Earth's crammed with heaven/And every common bush afire with God.  Elizabeth Barrett Browning.


Tammy Sue Willey said...

Mom, you sound happy in your spring-Heaven! Spring blooms for us hope. What wonderful preparation for our heaven heaven! Enjoy your sanctuary. Love you

Anonymous said...

Looks heavenly, Linda. Cute deers.
You live so close to forest? I'm still stuck in Campo,S. Ca. no internet at home.I'm at Library.
I don't go to meetings in Alpine - because I have had no chariot -my 2000 Nissan SUV had to be towed home- from El Cajon. (I blew the engine). But my faithful White Rabbit -Dodge Intrpid is running again finally. Believe it or not it's been raining here ofcourse the roof leeks. Such is life. I'm glad to see all is well with you..You have been blogging. Have fun and stay healthy.
Teresa Travis