Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Robin Gets the (Book) Worm

When last I wrote to you, it was to tell you that I was participating in NaNoWriMo, National Novel Writing Month, from November 1 to November 30.  Writing a 50,000 word book in a month was destined to keep me too busy to work on a blog. Now that November is over, I am here to tell you that I received a badge for starting, then a 5,000 word badge, then 10,000 word badge, then 25,000, and a 40,000 word badge.  I did not, however, receive the 50,000 word badge. By November 30, I was at the 45,200 word mark. I might have stayed up until midnight writing babble to get to the coveted 50,000 word count, but my sleep and my integrity meant more to me! As far as I’m concerned, I did pretty darn good to write 45,200 words in one month. My book is nearly done. The trouble lies in the fact that I have no clue at the moment how the blasted book is going to end. The last 5,000 words are proving to be the hardest. My thanks to all of you who encouraged me in November.  Don’t stop now, I still need you.

I trust you all had a nice Thanksgiving, I certainly did. Being with family is the whole reason I’m on the East Coast. We (Cyndi and Bill) had thirteen people for dinner with enough food for fifty. We had enough pies for everyone to have half a pie! If we walked away from the table hungry, it certainly wasn’t Cyndi’s fault.
And now we look forward to Christmas. I am more ready than I have ever been in my life. Maybe getting productive on my book helped me get productive in all other areas. Indoor and outdoor decorating is done, gifts are bought, cards are sent, and I’m ready to do a little baking.


Last week Cyndi, Bill, and I went to Raleigh
to a Donald Trump rally. It was electric and
standing room only. I took a selfie while we
were waiting.


The robins are back with their little suitcases and maps of North Carolina. I still can’t get over seeing robins in the winter. When I lived in New England, a robin sighting meant the arrival of spring. So Happy Spring, everyone!

Quote of the Day: Happy Christmas to all, and to all a goodnight! Clement Clarke Moore