Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Here We Go Again!!

What I thought would never ever happen again, is happening.

I'm moving. Saturday. Yikes!

I was sure that when we moved here four years ago, the only way I would leave this house would be in a pine box. Well, I'm leaving and thankfully, not in a pine box but on my own two feet.
New Home

Current Home
Because of extenuating circumstances, I'm moving from the town of Garner to Angier, a little town southeast of here. It's funny, I moved across the country from San Diego to be closer to my kids. Now my move will get me even closer to Cyndi, by about half an hour. If she doesn't watch out, I'll eventually be sitting in her front yard!

I picked up the key today to the new place, a house rental on over one acre of land with a view of a meadow, pond, and trees. I'll have a covered front and back porch (now I have uncovered porches so I'm sitting in the hot sun), an airy kitchen, large office, a mud room, storage shed in the backyard, and glory be--two bluebird houses! For all this, I'll be paying less than I'm paying now each month. The downside? I'm moving out of a beautiful town with lots of conveniences into--the Middle of Nowhere. Truly.

Right now my house is crammed with boxes everywhere waiting to be loaded Saturday onto trucks. Deja vu from four years ago. I'm getting way too old for this! Thank heavens for family and friends who are more than willing to help me.

Back of House
Looking Across Street at Pond
and Meadow
My address will be: 1854 Oak Grove Church Road, Angier, NC 27501. Please make a note of it. I'm also having a landline installed so if the cell tower goes down or power goes out, I can still make phone calls and not worry if my cell phone has enough charge in it. I'll get you that number when I get it. In the meantime, my email address and cell phone number remain the same.

The next time I write to you will be from my new abode. Assuming I can find my desk, and supplies, and and and . . ..  Oh, how I hate to move!

Kitchen into Living Room

Looking Toward Backyard