Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thank God for Technicians and Authors

Today I have as my guest a delightfully charming woman I met recently at a “Celebration of Local Writers” event held in Raleigh.  As soon as I heard the title of her book, I knew I had to get to know this author better.  Well, wouldn’t you if you saw that the title was “Thank God I Only Have Two of These!”  

Here’s a chance for us to get to know Susan Ghiassi better. Welcome Susan!  Please tell me a little about yourself.

Hi, Linda.  I’ve lived in Raleigh, NC since ’96. My husband’s job transferred us from University City, Missouri, my hometown, a couple of weeks before Hurricane Fran!  So that’s how Rasool and I and our two boys, Ali and Hassan, began our adventure in our new home state. Our family has since expanded to include lovely Karina, Ali’s wife. A few of my favorite things include going for walks, spending time with family and friends, trying out new recipes, traveling, and dancing.

What do you do for a living, Susan?
 I am certified & registered in radiography, mammography,  & computed tomography. 
What prompted you to write, “Thank God I Only Have Two of These!” a book about a serious topic but with a very catchy title?
During my 30 plus years in radiology, I primarily worked in mammography.  I enjoyed the interaction and challenges of taking mammograms.  But waiting for results can be excruciating for my patients.  My discovery of a humorous poem concerning mammograms helped ease the wait time for my mammogram patients.  It didn’t take long for patients to share their feelings on paper while I would tease them with my plan to publish.

How long did it take you to compile your notes and write the book?

I saved and collected my patients’ writings for years.  Finally I organized the writings and consulted with a real editor.  The most difficult task was choosing whose poem or tale would be included. After proof readings by countless friends and family, my book was ready to present for publication.

Do you have a favorite line or vignette from the book?
This is a tough question to answer because there are so many wonderful writings from patients within these pages, but I’ll try to choose a few:

           “I’m fine.  I’m fine.  I know that I am fine.  But if not, please take them both off, so I can get the set I have always dreamed of!"

          “A”cup, “B”cup, “C”cup, “D”
          whatever cup you happen to be.
          Mammograms are a must
          even with a big bust,
          unless you are a tree.”

          “I’m glad to have boobs to squeeze.”

When was your book published and by whom?
 I self published “Thank God I Only Have Two of These!” illustrated by my mother June Miller, in 2009 with  In fact, my first proof copy came to me on my mom’s birthday after she had passed away.  It was a very special day to me.

Where can my readers get a copy?

My print book is available on Amazon and  My eBook is sold on the Apple iBookstore and the Barnes & Noble NOOK Store. Locally, my book is sold at Quail Ridge Books and Music in Raleigh, NC.

What’s next for you?
I plan to do a better job of marketing “Thank God I Only Have Two of These!”  The more sales, the more I can donate funds to worthy cancer charities. I would like to participate in businesses’ wellness and educational programs.  I have the unique experience of mammography to educate and lessen fears concerning the mammogram procedure.  Mammograms save lives, so it is very gratifying to be a part of this cause!

If I may quote from your book, “Get a mammogram yearly beginning between the ages of 35-40.  If possible, get a digital mammogram.  If not, get what is available!”  You also differentiate between the two types of mammograms—screening and diagnostic, and say people need to know the difference. And yes, I said people, not just women, because you mention that men can also get breast cancer.
Folks, I would urge each of you to get this book.  It’s a quick read, but most enjoyable, informative, and timely.  Thank you, Susan,.  I wish you much success.

     Thank you, Linda, you’ve sure got me off to a great start!

Quote of the Day: Hopefully a little pain today will save a lot of pain tomorrow. From, ”Thank God I Only Have Two of These!”


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