Friday, October 17, 2014

Regrets Anyone?

Do you remember Frank Sinatra? You do? Boy, you’re old. A line in his song, My Way written by Paul Anka, (another oldie but goodie) says: Regrets, I’ve had a few, but then again, too few to mention.

A year ago, we sold half of our belongings, packed up the rest, and headed east to parts unknown. We knew that Fred could play golf anywhere, I could write and we could do our LegalShield business anywhere, so we weren‘t tied to San Diego by anything other than our great friends. Do we have regrets? Not really. Do we miss the white sand beaches and palm trees, great attractions, and nearly perfect weather year ’round? A little. Did we ever avail ourselves of the white sand beaches, Sea World, the San Diego Zoo, or Balboa Park? Nope. Not often, anyway.  We pretty much stayed in El Cajon. That’s about thirty miles inland for you non-San Diegans. Do we miss our friends, definitely. Am I glad we’re on the East Coast within driving distance of family? You betcha.

Fred filled his truck today at a station where gas was $2.94 a gallon. Do we wish we were still in California? Not one bit.

Do I yearn to look out my home office window onto a busy street instead of now looking at deer wandering on our front lawn? No way, Jose.

We made a big change moving to an area where even the weather changes from day to day. It’s now fall and the Creator has dipped his paintbrush in alizarin crimson, cadmium yellow, and burnt umber to color our new world. The paths we walk in White Deer Park are strewn with crunchy leaves, like rose petals before a bride.

Last winter was a BIG change, having to drive in, walk in, and shovel snow. We hope that everyone who told us, “Oh this is most unusual” meant it and this winter will be a bit milder.

Happy Halloween everyone! May the ghosts of your past offer you no regrets.

Quote of the Day: Nothing endures but change. Heraclitus