Saturday, May 26, 2018

A RemARKable Encounter

WOW! That’s all I can say after seeing the Ark Encounter. This week I had the extreme pleasure of going with my friend, Stewart, to Williamstown, KY where the ark is located.
It's a life-size reproduction of the original Noah's ark set on 800 acres of land and it is absolutely incredible!

You enter the ark via a ramp and railings and get to explore all three decks. There are scooters available for rent, but I walked.  We got there on a week day and although the parking lot can hold four thousand cars and the ark can hold ten thousand people, there were very few people around when we were there, so we had free reign to roam without  a throng of people around. This is Stewart and me outside the ark.

This is the huge door to the ark. We were minuscule next to it. The ark itself is 510 feet long (one and a half football field lengths). It is the biggest timber frame structure in the world and was built by Amish craftsmen.

Growing food for the trip
Pottery for water
The construction of the ark is amazing, all wood, fastened by dowels. Huge round timbers (3 feet in diameter) line the center for support. I tried to wrap my arms around one but could only reach half way. Huge squared timbers serve as beams and supports throughout the ark. Everywhere you go, the word “massive” comes to mind.
Shem's Quarters

Image result for carpenter shop on ark encounterSome of the exhibits show animals in cages and some show Noah's family working in the kitchen, carpenter's shop, or blacksmith shop. All life sized, some animated and some not. One of my favorite exhibits is on the third deck where a ladder leans against the wall and Noah is standing near the top, releasing the dove to find dry land.Image result for noah and the dove on ark encounter

On the grounds there are other activities should you so desire, like a zip line, zoo, and aerial adventure. Should you ever get the chance to visit and experience the Ark Encounter, I highly recommend it. You won’t be sorry.

Quote of the day:  It was truly a mind-blowing experience! Visitor to the Ark Encounter