Tuesday, August 29, 2017

A Book Launch Tammy Sue Style!

Tammy Sue With Her Book
On Friday, August 11, I hopped in my car and drove to Connecticut. My purpose for going (besides seeing the rest of my family while there) was to be present at the launch of my daughter’s first book, Wounded Song, nine years in the making. Her book is about growing up in a family with an abusive alcoholic father and a mother, me, who stood by and allowed the physical and verbal abuse to continue. Although I don’t come across as a saint or even a very good mother in her book, I have supported her in this endeavor since day one. (It helped to know her story has a good ending!)

Tammy's Touch 
Tammy worked on her book launch for months, planning every little detail, and, trust me, all her hard work was worth it. In one room of the church where it was held, she had lights strung around the room for ambiance, fresh flowers here and there for beauty, and all around the room were pictures from her childhood. She had a guest book, raffle tickets for free prizes, and two banners proudly proclaiming the name of her book. In another room, she had tables nicely set for refreshments.
More of Tammy's Touch

Tammy Reading
The launch of her book was held in the sanctuary where over eighty people joined her and took a seat to await her presentation. And what a presentation it was! Tammy explained the various stages she went through over the years to bring her book to fruition—from a few random thoughts, to a few written pages, to a whopping thirty pages, to finally a full-size book. She led us through her tears, joys and frustrations throughout the process to which any author can relate!

Mike, Cyndi, and Me with Tammy

Curtis, Tammy’s husband, entertained us with songs on his guitar, then Tammy had her sister Cyndi, her friend Dawn, and Curtis read passages from Wounded Song. Cyndi and Dawn then each read something they’d written to honor Tammy Sue and during a lull, my son Mike got up and said a few heartfelt words about his sister. Tammy read a passage from her book, then it was time for me to read what I’d written. When I finished, Tammy and I hugged. Then I saw that Mike and Cyndi had come forward to stand with me and we had a group hug that lasted quite awhile. When I looked up, all the guests were on their feet giving us a standing ovation.

I mention this to say that, like the book, the book launch was a testament to how a family can heal and love one another as family members should love one another. Tammy’s theme for the night was, “Hope will have its way if you let it.”  

Cyndi, Me, and Tammy With my
Award the Next Day
Loving Family Surrounding Tammy
Afterwards, Tammy Sue presented me with a treasured “Mother of the Year” award she’d lovingly created, then people lined up to get their books autographed. Because of Tammy’s book, many people came forth and spoke to me honestly about whatever situations they were in that needed healing. Wounded Song touches people's hearts and prompts open conversations and will continue to do so for as long as the Lord desires.

Stay tuned for an interview with Tammy Sue Willey about her raw, emotion-filled, book, Wounded Song

Quote of the Day: To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes 3:1