Wednesday, December 24, 2014

To Fred

This year is winding to a close.  We just have to do Christmas and New Year’s and before we know it, it will be a brand new year, 2015.  

For myself, I have one more thing to get through--my husband’s memorial service on Saturday the 27.  Fred passed away on December 16 from cardiac arrest.  He was sixty-six.  

As I’ve mentioned many times in this blog, we moved from California to North Carolina last year to be nearer to family.  Fred wanted to make sure I was close to my family in case something happened to him.  He knew that with his health history, he would most likely not outlive me.  

I am so glad we made this move, had a year to get settled and get to know people, and get established in a church.  We even bought me a car so I wouldn’t be saddled with driving his truck.  It would appear that God waited until everything was in place before taking Fred.  

Family is everything at a time like this.  My daughter Cyndi has been a mountain of help and I’m glad we’re only fifty minutes away instead of three thousand miles away.  Her husband, Bill, is taking over the process of selling the truck and some of Fred’s firearms. My daughter, Tammy, and her husband, Curtis, will be arriving from Connecticut at any moment to stay with me at least through Christmas and Saturday’s service.  I await their arrival with eager anticipation.  They, too, will be a help and a comfort to me.  My son is here in spirit since he’s not able to make the trip from Connecticut.

Fred supported my writing and so I dedicate this blog post to him.  Rest in peace, Fred.

Quote of the Day:  Lives of great men all remind us
                               We can make our lives sublime.
                               And, departing, leave behind us
                               Footprints on the sands of time.  Henry Wads-worth Longfellow

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