Monday, February 18, 2013

Family--One of the Perks of Being Human

I'm in a family mood.  This is President's weekend where we honor two of our greatest presidents--George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.  By the way, if you haven't seen the movie, Lincoln, you should make plans to go.  It's a wonderful movie that takes you behind the static history books and brings the events of that time to life.  But I digress.  George Washington is considered the father of our country and that brings me back to the family mood I'm in.

I had a terrific father and mother and a happy idyllic childhood.  Someone recently asked me what my favorite book as a child was and I said, "Little Orphan Annie and the Gila Monster Gang."  Why?  Because my mother used to read a little bit of that book to my sister and me every night before we went to bed.  How clever she was, reading just enough to make us WANT to go to bed the next night to hear more of the story.  A few years ago, my sister found the book at a book sale and sent it to me as a reminder of the bond we had with each other and our mother.

Now I'm a mother and I'm thrilled to pieces that my daughter and son-in-law are coming out to sunny California from snowbound Connecticut to visit this week.  This is the daughter who, with her husband, survived a horrendous motorcycle accident last June.  Finally, I will have a chance to put my arms around her   and give her the hug I've been saving for eight months!  We video conference each other every Sunday, but now I'll be able to see her in person and touch her and give thanks that she's alive and well.  Neither of them are one hundred percent better, but they're alive and they're coming to visit!  And, we'll be sitting together in church on Sunday--my heart may just burst with happiness.

Family.  One of God's better inventions.

So what was your favorite book?  And why?

Today's Quote:  Whatever you are, be a good one.  Abraham Lincoln.

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