Monday, January 28, 2013

A Big Victory!

My last post was about little victories.  Well, I just had a big victory this weekend!  Not major, but big to me.

I have ordered books and spent time learning how to upload a book on Kindle eReader.  In order to upload a book, I had to reformat my text and design a cover.  I've spent a couple of weeks or more designing a cover on my own, using a template I purchased on the internet.  But, ta daa!, all of that is done and last night I uploaded Mishaps and Miracles to Kindle and today it is in their online bookstore for sale at $2.99!  I believe it can also be seen on your phone, etc.  You can even read a sample of the book before ordering.  Here is what the book looks like:

There are a couple of mistakes in this one (Senior should be plural) but I'm still learning and will get better at this as I go along.  I am just thrilled to know I tackled a project like this---and won!   This book is a remake of Bumps Along the Way about our ten thousand mile road trip across the USA and back.

One down, a hundred new little victories to go!

Quote of the day:  Life is like a ten-speed bicycle. Most of us have gears we never use.  Charles Schulz


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Lisa Fender said...

Linda, long time no talk! I am glad to see all is well and happy to see you got your book uploaded! Mine is finally at the editor's and I am waiting to get it back and then I will launch mine! I have missed our little talks and I am happy for you! I will check out your book!