Willard Manor, a Novel

Willard Manor is the story of a house built in 1840 by John Willard and the generations of his family that lived in the house for one hundred seventy years.  In 2010 the run-down, vacant house is bought by a young couple, Tony and Shelley Maguire. During the course of their renovation of the house, they come across various articles that help them piece together the history of the house and its occupants.

Young Thomas Willard planted an apple seed circa 1860 that became a tree and flourished alongside Willard Manor, proving that both the apple tree and the generations of Willards could face storms and grow stronger in the process.

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Sue Pemberton said...

I sadly just finished reading Willard Manor. I first read Leaving Mark and then Willard Manor by taking my first cup of coffee, in the morning, back to bed and snuggling in with Linda's books. It was such a good way to start my mornings.

I love Linda's style of writing. Her books are wholesome and realistic. She takes you on paths that take unexpected turns to keep the reading interesting. Small bits of history are added to give background to the stories and the characters.

Easy, feel good, enjoyable reading. Grab a cup of coffee, tea, wine, or whatever and relax and enjoy.