Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Snow, Snow Go Away--And Don't Bother to Come Back Another Day

Willard Manor is in the hands of a publisher. Now, if you could all cross your fingers and keep them crossed for the next month or two, I’d appreciate it. I found a publisher that accepts manuscripts only once a year--during the month of February. It’s a small press run by one woman. I sent her a query letter with the first three chapters of my novel and, lo and behold, she asked me to send her the entire manuscript to look at. You can bet I got my baby in the mail to her lickety split.  Now it’s time to wait. And wait. I’ll let you know when I hear back from her, whatever the result may be. Could be yea, could be nay.

Breaking news— we just had two Tuesdays in a row without snow! I was beginning to dread Tuesdays because it snowed every Tuesday for the last few weeks. It snowed a little on Tuesday, February 11 and the next day, Wednesday while we were at the doctor’s office (diagnosis: bronchitis), it snowed heavily and by the time we left the office, six inches of snow covered the ground, the truck, and the walkway and it was still snowing. We weren’t dressed for snow and had to gingerly make our way to the truck through snow that came up over our shoes. That was the easy part.

To get my prescription, Fred had to drive through a carpet of white where there was no definition as to what was road and what wasn’t. Snow plows? This area doesn’t know what a snow plow is. We got the prescription and drove home, going no faster than fifteen miles an hour. It took us thirty minutes to travel six miles. Not being able to tell where the road was, Fred just drove right down the middle hoping he wasn’t driving on someone’s lawn. We got home safe and sound, thank heavens. We were snowed in for three days; school was closed for four days. It’s a wonder the kids remember what school is because it’s been closed so much due to snow--the snow that this area never gets, according to the locals.

Now there is no sign of snow anywhere, the robins are back running around the lawn, and my bronchitis is over with. I’m ready for spring! How about you?

Today's Quote:  Hope springs eternal in the human breast.  Alexander Pope


fcb said...

Yup, ready for spring. Sorry to hear that you had bronchitis but glad it's over. Good luck on the manuscript.

kjml said...

Yeah, Linda! You GO, Girl! Good luck! My big news is that I've been tasked to write an article about the Alpine Woman's Club Centennial Celebration for "Our Town" a once-annually supplement to the Alpine Sun. Now I need to get cracking and do some research! [Oh, and some writing!] I wrote a piece tonight about the "religious freedom" legislation in Arizona but, even though--or because-- I oppose the law, I'm too chicken to post it.

Paula Rose said...

Hi Linda,
Well, back here in SD, there's been NO winter. Lots of sun, temps in 70's & 80's. But finally, we're now having some rain; hopefully it will ease the draught some. My family is in NJ & CT. I texted my brother & sister when we had a "cold" day (in the 60's.) I said it was so cold I had to wear jeans instead of shorts. My brother wrote back: "Kiss my cactus!" On another day, when they were buried in snow and temps in the single digits with wind chill below zero, I took a picture outside our kitchen door showing the rose garden in bloom and the outdoor thermometer that read 82 degrees.
Actually, I miss the beauty of winter snow, ice coating everything and sounding like bells when the wind blew...but not enough to move back east.

Linda Loegel said...

Thank you all for your comments! I used to tease my Connecticut kids with the weather in San Diego, just like you, Paula. However, what goes around comes around and now San Diegans are doing that to us. I guess I deserve it after thirty years of bragging about S.D. weather. People here are absolutely amazed that we would leave San Diego.