Monday, July 9, 2012

Some Pressing Issues

Many people assume from my email address ( that I chose that name because I don't like to iron.  You know what happens when you assume!

Actually, people, you are partly right.  It's true, I don't care to iron; consequently, my wardrobe consists of mostly permanent press clothes and almost no items consisting of 100% cotton.  If I have to iron I will, but I'd rather spend my time at the computer, writing.

No, our email address came from my husband who, although he says he doesn't write, isn't creative, etc. etc., has a tremendous flair for words.  At the time we bought our first computer, seems like eons ago but actually was in the late '90s, we were told we needed to have an email name.  Without batting an eyelash, Fred quickly said, "Noirons."  When asked why that name, he explained that he had a particular set of golf clubs in woods, but no irons in the set.  Consequently, Noirons became our email name and has lasted lo these fifteen years or so.

Now, since we just celebrated July Fourth, I would like to show you a poem Fred wrote quite some time ago when he was upset at the Hollywood celebrities bashing our country.  This poem has gone all over the world to our military personnel, in the form of a bookmark.  He says he can't write, I ask you to be the judge.

To all veterans past, present, and future:
I am no one special but I have very special
freedoms, because of you.

I am no one famous but people all over the
world would trade places with me in a minute,
because of you.

I am no one special but I have the right to speak
about whatever I please, whenever I please,
wherever I please, because of you.

I am no one special but I choose the place I
worship, if and when, because of you.

I work at a place of my choice, pursuing the
career of my choice, because of you.

I can purchase any item in any number of stores
any time I want, because of you.

I ride my bike, I go to the movies, I go golfing or
anything else I choose, because of you.

I live in a country that gives us the right to
denigrate and protest the very men and women
who fight to give us that freedom because of you.

I am no one special but I have all these freedoms
because you are willing to fight to protect those freedoms
while a few ignorant people protest and
ridicule you.

You do so much for me and all I can do is thank you
and tell you how sorry I am that you have to hear the
ignorant comments of a few ungrateful people while
you are putting your life on the line to protect them and us.
I am no one special, but I thank God you are.
THANK YOU            

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Lisa Fender said...

A very sweet poem, and from the heart. That's what makes writing great! My husband is the same way. He is very talented, but won't consider it.