If You Don't Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut

If You Don't Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut, was published by Diversion Press in 2010.

I would like to introduce you to my non-fiction book which is a light-hearted look back at growing up in a small town in Vermont in the1940s.

There was a time, before TV, computers, and Gameboys, when kids in their pajamas would curl up on the floor on a Saturday morning in front of the radio, a cup of hot chocolate in hand, listening spellbound to shows like Let’s Pretend. A time when parents were parents and not play date arrangers, taxi drivers, or pals. Kids were expected to find their own entertainment, respect their elders, and enjoy their childhood.

This is the era my sister, Donna, and I grew up in, in the early 1940s. War may have been ravaging the rest of the world, but in the small peaceful town of Springfield, Vermont, on a little street called Rita Street, we enjoyed life to the fullest. Although it was a time of black-out curtains, ration books, and air raid alerts, Donnie and I were too busy trying to get each other in trouble to pay much attention to world affairs. And when a feisty little black girl from the Bronx was added to the mix as part of the New York Herald Tribune Fresh Air Fund, we all learned something about acceptance.

If You Don't Like Worms, Keep Your Mouth Shut is about the values, love and laughter of one family in one moment of time past. Readers over 55 will be able to relate to the book because it will call up precious memories of their own childhood. Younger readers will be introduced to a much simpler way of life, before television, computers and cell phones.

Dennis Moore, Book Reviewer says:  Typical of what the author shares with us in her book, is a particular passage that states: "The real treasure at 10 Rita Street was not the map Donnie and I made and hid under the wobbly porch post; it was what went on inside the house - the warmth, the giggling, the love that Mom, Dad, Donnie and I, and Cookie, had for one another. There's no map that can lead you to that kind of treasure."

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