Bumps Along the Way

Bumps Along the Way is based on a trip my husband and I recently took in 2008. The premise of the book is: can two cranky seniors stay married while sitting only two feet away from each other in a small car for six weeks? It would take a miracle, since we normally don't travel well together even on short trips. We learned, however, that God is still in the miracle-producing business as we ended the trip with our marriage not only intact, but stronger than ever. Our travels took us through 9800 miles of mountains, deserts, cities, rain, snow, lightning, emergency rooms, back pain and diabetic shock.

There are photos of some of the magnificent places we stopped at along the way.  We traveled from San Diego, CA to Vermont and back again.  We saw the Grand Canyon, Zion, Bryce, Yellowstone, Mt. Rushmore, Niagara Falls, Ft. Ticonderoga, Washington, D.C., Memphis, Amarillo, El Paso, Tombstone, to name a few of the sights.

The book is a lighthearted look at a road trip across the country by two senior citizens. Sickness and pain just happened to come along for the ride.

Lou Harper, President of Southern Oklahoma Writers' Guild says: Reading your book is like having a box of chocolates all to myself...I'm loving every minute of this story! Your sense of humor is great!  

Dennis Moore, Book Reviewer, says:  (Loegel's) book, "Bumps Along The Way," is written in a way that vicariously carries the reader along. The book is written like a travel guide, but with such a warm and earthy human appeal. Sometimes in a self-deprecating way, the author points out and embraces her and her husband's human frailties, that we all have in our advancing years, along their journey across this country.  
There are many poetic images and passages throughout "Bumps Along The Way," although probably not intended. That is the beauty of Loegel's writing, telling a story that comes out as a masterpiece!

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