Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Life in the Cuckoo's Nest

You’ve probably read the book or seen the movie, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. If you haven’t, have no fear. Come and visit us and you’ll feel like you’re IN the cuckoo’s nest!

Our parakeet Charlie used to make an airborne trip around the house a couple of times a day, then land on his playpen in the window to watch the outside birds, then sit in his cage for the remainder of the day. When he was almost four years old, we bought him a playmate, Chip. Chip is young, energetic, and full of life.

Now, Charlie is kept busy from morning til night as the two of them make fifty trips a day flying from the living room to the kitchen and back. You’d better duck if you’re in their flight pattern! It looks like they’re racing to see who can make the flight in the shortest time. Then they land on the playpen and plot their next round of mischief by leaning into each other and chatting a mile a minute.

Since he was raised in a pet store cage, it’s been a riot watching Chip at home learn to fly, and navigate, and land. For the first week or so, he reminded me of a terrorist that only learned to fly a plane, not land it. Chip would fly from the cage to the playpen, no problem, then crash land on the window blinds. Then he would go back to the cage and try again. Each time landing closer to the playpen until he finally set his feet on the playpen perch. Ah, success.

One minute the two of them are rubbing beaks in an oh so tender moment, the next they’re chasing each other around the cage while the chasee tells the chaser to “Bug off and leave me alone.” They’re never quiet except when it gets dark and they retreat to their cage for the night.

Stewart and I don’t need television with these two around. They provide us with a boat load of enjoyment that keeps us laughing. And I hear that laughing keeps us young!

I’m waiting for the bluebirds to come back next month, but for now there’s a beautiful goldfinch hanging around outside that puts a smile on my face and a song in my heart. For Christmas, Cyndi and Bill gave us a clock that sings a different bird song on each hour. As a sign in our kitchen says, THIS PLACE IS FOR THE BIRDS. No truer words were ever spoken.


Quote of the day: Birds are a miracle because they prove to us there is a finer, simpler state of being which we may strive to attain.  Douglas Coupland   

Monday, December 21, 2020

A Few Shining Moments



2020 is a year we won't soon miss, that's for sure. However, amidst all the heartache, solitude, and worry, a few shining moments stood out during the year. For me, the big moment was my marriage to Stewart in March. We were lucky enough to have gotten our wedding in right under the wire as the very next week the country locked down. 

And to top it off, my sister Donna came down from Connecticut to attend our wedding and ended up having to stay here for nine weeks due to the lockdown. She and I hadn't spent that much time together at one time since before she got married in

1958. This was time well spent, for sure.

Another shining moment was that my daughter Tammy and her husband Curtis made it down here from Connecticut twice this year--in the summer and, as a surprise, for Thanksgiving. Their visits are never long enough, but two times in one year are definitely memorable moments.

Thanksgiving was held at Cyndi and Bill's home with lots of family present, Covid rules be darned.

Our read and critique group, although not able to meet in person for most of the year, still managed to meet weekly thanks to Zoom. 

Stewart and I added a new addition to our family within the past week. His/her (we're not sure) name is Chip. He and Charlie are a lot of fun to watch as they establish their pecking order. One moment they're fighting, the next they're rubbing beaks. So cute.

My son Michael, my baby, turned 48 Saturday. Although in Connecticut, we're only a phone call apart. 

So basically, technology has gotten us through 2020 in a way no one would have thought possible years ago. 

One last shining moment to the year is the development of a coronavirus vaccine. Hopefully, masks and quarantines will soon be nothing more than a dim memory. One can only hope.

Finally, Merry Christmas to you all because the birth of Jesus is the most shining moment in all of history. 

Quote of the DayI will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. Charles Dickens